Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The ABC's of Career Management

By Mary Salvino, Career Management Coach

Some people, regardless of what stage they are in their careers, often prefer to have information about managing their career distilled into small 'bytes' of information that can be easily applied to their situation.  As the Chief Administrative Officer of their own future, it behooves them to consider the "ABC's" of career management.

According to a recent study published by Workopolis, Thinkopolis VI: Moving Work | Year in Review, Canadians are job-hopping more now than ever before and 88% of workers believe that they need to change jobs in order to advance in their careers.

According to Statistics Canada, Baby-boomers entered their 50's with the experience of long-term employment in their career history.  Working for the same employer for 12+ years was not unusual.  Gen X and Gen Y worked an average of 3.2 jobs and 3.9 jobs respectively in the first 12 years of employment and the new normal is to change jobs every couple of years. 

Taking all of the above into consideration, it is only logical to adopt an "Always Be Considering" [a new job] mentality to career management.


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