Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shaken not Stirred

If you are new to the job-seeking scene and the traditional methods of job searching aren’t working for you, it’s time for you to ‘shake it up’ a bit. It’s time to become familiar with, and comfortable using, social media to help you in your search for new employment. Using social media effectively can add another layer of valuable information to your search for employment. Once you have identified the top five or six companies where you would like to work, do the following:
  • Search for the name of the company on Linked In. This may lead you to a list of company employees which will, in turn help you identify any 2nd or 3rd degree ‘connections’ already in your network and serve as a way, through formal ‘introductions’, into the company
  • Search Twitter with the phrase “New CEO”. Don’t be surprised if some of the returns include tweets from those inside the company who may have insights as to the new directions for the company and new opportunities for you
  • Get a profile on all of the major social networking sites so that potential employers can find you
  • Follow recruiters on Twitter
  • Start a blog on subjects that you are passionate about so that so that potential employers will be granted insights to the depth of your knowledge
Do not be frightened by the magnitude of social media. It is a powerful tool that anyone can learn to use and manage.