Saturday, April 17, 2010

What Do Employers Look For in Candidates?

Have you ever wondered what employers are looking for when they have a position to fill? The answer is very straightforward:

Employers first see the candidate in terms of how they are represented via their résumé and their cover letter:

  • Résumés are viewed as a skill set summary

  • Cover letters are used to verify that the candidate can communicate effectively in a grammatically correct manner

Once you get called in for an interview, you, as the candidate will be judged on a number of things including:
  • Your appearance - Will you be able to represent the company in a favourable fashion?

  • Your interpersonal skills - Are you personable?

  • Your knowledge - Do you have in-depth knowledge about the company and the business including the latest trends and/or challenges facing the industry?

All businesses, profit or non-profit are interested in revenue generation. It doesn’t matter if the company’s main objective is altruistic or not; revenue will allow the company and/or organization to continue to exist. If you, as the candidate, can position yourself so that you can either make money for the company/organization or save money for the company/organization, you will rise to the top of the candidate pool.