Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Résumé Quantifications: Present Your Value Effectively

When composing your résumé, it is always best to use numbers to demonstrate your competence. All hiring managers are interested in metrics. Metrics, when used and analyzed appropriately can greatly affect the company’s bottom line. The company’s bottom line is critical to its survival.

Your résumé should always show how you can answer the following question often posed by company CEOs, "What are We Getting for Our Money?" If you do not know how to quantify the results for your profession, I have provided some hints:
  • Operations – inventory turns, out-of-stock rate, service levels, product rejects, warranty costs, customer satisfaction, and raw material costs
  • Finance/Accounting – COGS, gross margin, SG&A and operating expenses, operating margin, DSO, cash flow
  • HR – absenteeism and turnover
  • Project Management – time, cost, and quality
  • Web Design – pages/visit, average time on site, clickthrough rates, and cost per thousand impressions
  • Marketing – brand penetration, cannibalization, customer retention, and market share
  • Sales – pipeline, closing ratios, new business, and quotas
  • Customer Service – customer complaints, consumer satisfaction index, average call time, and dropped calls
  • Collections – overdue accounts and collection costs
  • Training ROI - productivity and efficiency, sales and profitability, quality of products and services, customer service and satisfaction, health and safety