Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Résumé Cards? - Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

As a job seeker, you should identify all events as networking events. That said, there are often situations wherein you would love to get your résumé into someone's hands but it would not be appropriate to whip out your résumé and do so.

Résumé cards are one of the latest tools that should be in your job-seeking arsenal. They are the same size as a business card and are used to highlight your specific talents. These cards are specifically designed to be handed out in situations where giving out a résumé would not be appropriate or practical.

These cards are designed to highlight your special talents and skills as well as give out your important contact information. If designed and delivered correctly, the résumé card acts like a mini résumé.

Résumé cards are the perfect complement to your elevator speech and should be distributed liberally to all friends, family, colleagues and anyone else you know who may be willing to pass them along if they hear of suitable opportunities for you. You should also take your résumé cards with you to social events, job fairs, industry groups, and any function wherein you may encounter someone with whom you can network.

Résumé Cards Musts:
  • Full Name [including earned special designations such as BA, BSc, MBA, etc.]
  • ONE phone number that, if goes unanswered, will be redirected to a professional sounding answering machine or service
  • The Job Title of the position you seek [optional]
  • E-mail address [that incorporates your full name e.g. NOT]
  • Utilizes the back of the card by listing 3-5 your career highlights in bullet form
  • Be clean, crisp, up-to-date and with you at ALL times