Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hey Job Seeker! Santa Works in Mysterious Ways!

Since many job seekers have decided to ‘pack it in’ now that the holidays are soon upon us, it is the perfect time to show potential employers how serious you are about getting a new job. Contrary to popular belief, the holidays are often a prime time for job seeking. The time between thanksgiving and New Year's can be the perfect time to ensure that you will be the first hired in the New Year (or sooner).

Company Year End
By the end of the calendar year, many company departments have been given their budgets and now know how many new people they can afford to hire and at what salary.

January New Hires
Companies that are looking to hire for January will have to search for suitable candidates in November and December. If you aren’t out there looking, they can’t find you!

Maintain the Course
Many job seekers take time off during the holidays. Stand out with potential employers by keeping up your contact schedule.

Network During the Holidays
Keep building your professional network. Attend events that are billed as ‘social’ and accept invitations to as many holiday events as your schedule can handle - you never know who you are going to meet or where. Word of caution - Regardless of the reason for the gathering, you should always maintain your air of professionalism. While having a glass of Christmas cheer may be acceptable to most, know that Santa’s Elves are watching your every move. Refrain from being naughty at all costs!

Professional Associations
Join a professional association and attend its holiday meeting. These parties may attract members who do not attend regular meetings. The meetings are more social and often do not have extensive agendas, thus allowing you more time to meet new people.

Contact Maintenance
Sending holiday greetings is the perfect way to maintain or re-establish contacts you made in earlier months.

Low-Key and Creative
Create business cards with a mini-resume on the back. These cards can be a low-key way to remind people that you are available.

Seasonal/Temporary Jobs
Take a part-time holiday job or accept temporary jobs through an agency. The job will help you stay active and allow you to meet people. By working part-time, you can still allocate time to your job search. And don't be surprised if this seasonal work turns into something more long term!

Volunteering is good networking, adds to your résumé, and is also personally satisfying.

Church /Temple/ Any group Attendance

Attendance at many places of worship is higher during this season. If you attend church /temple or have been thinking about joining, this is an excellent time to introduce yourself to the community.

Take Care and Be Good

Take good care of yourself. Holiday celebrations plus job-seeking can often equal a double dose of stress. Make sure to take some time to do activities you enjoy!

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