Monday, April 25, 2011

10 Character Traits of Successful Job Seekers

There are perhaps a hundred remarkable character traits that define the quintessential job seeker, however, only a handful of these traits help the successful job seeker.

Here are some of the most common and powerful character traits that describe the most successful job seekers:

1. Driven
Drive is a very common characteristic among the most successful job seekers. Looking for new opportunities is challenging. The job market is competitive and requires a significant amount of both determination and motivation in order to succeed.

2. Goal-Oriented
Drive will take a job seeker only so far. In addition to drive, job seekers also need a plan. . Without SMART [Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Rewarding and Time-bound] goals and the ability to focus on the actions required to reach those goals, success can be elusive. In order to be successful, job seekers will need to take time to set goals so they have clarity about where they are going and how they intend to get there. Plan the work and then work the plan!

3. Confident
Confidence is a very powerful character trait that instils trust, facilitates respect, and often leads to increased success. The most successful job seekers have a steady, quiet confidence that doesn't border on arrogance or egotism. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare.

4. Passionate
While it can be very difficult to overcome the challenges looking for work without a true passion for what you are doing, the most successful job seekers are able to incorporate things they are passionate about into their day-to-day search for new opportunities. Start a blog to demonstrate your depth of knowledge. Respond to questions on social media sites like LinkedIn.

5. Budget-Minded
Since a significant part of job seeker success is related to financial success, the most savvy job seekers become experts at creating budgets and sticking to them as they manage the operation of their job search. Job seeking requires that they have an intimate knowledge of their resources [time and money]. This ability to know exactly what they have available, where to reduce expenses, and how to make smart decisions when it comes to spending can often determine success.

6. Self-Reliant
The most successful job seekers have a defined sense of self-reliance. The ability to think and act independently, without the input of others, is a very common trait. Looking for new career opportunities is stressful; it behoves job seekers to find ways to mitigate that stress.

7. Humility
Although many job seekers may be self-reliant, the most successful are also able to ask for help when they need it, give credit where credit is due, admit when they are wrong, and accept constructive criticism. These job seekers have an ability to keep their feet on the ground during even the most stressful periods in their lives, and are able to remind themselves of how far they have come.

8. Resilient
Being a job seeker comes with its up and downs; there are victories, setbacks, chaos and calm waters. The most successful job seekers are those who are resilient and able to bounce back after an unexpected challenge and get back up after facing a setback.

9. Focused
Job seekers handle a vast array of responsibilities in their day-to-day lives. They wear many different hats during the course of the day. The ability to block out distractions and focus on the immediate issue, task or goal as well as the bigger picture is a key trait in the most successful of job seekers. Persistence pays!

10. Open-Minded
While focus is an important trait found in most successful job seekers, it's also important to keep an open mind and consider different perspectives. Sometimes job seekers need to consider alternative ideas, such as working part-time, having more than one job and perhaps trying new processes in order to reach significant levels of success.

Good Luck!

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