Monday, August 22, 2011

Job Search & Marketing Yourself in a Virtual World - Part 2

 One of the easiest ways to market yourself in a virtual world is to become an on-line centre of influence. 

We all know people who command rapt attention whenever they speak. Others want to listen to, learn from, and emulate them. These people are centres of influence and you can earn this distinction on-line by developing the following qualities:
  • Share inside knowledge with your target market;
  • Participate, listen, contemplate, and offer thoughtful responses;
  • Be willing to voice an opinion;
  • Assume leadership positions in your industry
Certainly, experience counts. However, this is not the only prerequisite to becoming an on-line centre of influence that will earn you the distinction of 'trusted advisor' within your target market. 

Start by making yourself a resource for your industry. If you haven’t done so already, create profiles on all of the major social media sites [LinkedIn, a Google Profile, and websites related to your industry.] Be sure to feature lots of useful information, including articles, links, downloadable files, resources, and anything else of use to your target market. Be generous and give, give, give! 

Create a Virtual Podium with Tele-classes
Tele-classes, YouTube broadcasts, Podcasts, and PowerPoint presentations on you social media profiles are all great ways to develop a virtual reputation. They can be promoted easily by email, and provide information to prospects all over the world, with minimal cost and effort.
Also, consider that it may be just as effective and less effort to participate as a guest lecturer in another professional's class rather than producing your own tele-class. 

I hope these ideas help!  If you have others, please let me know.

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