Monday, December 5, 2011

Are You Job Hunting During the Holidays? You should be!

Yes, job seeker, you can make progress in your job search during the holidays. Believe it, or not, a great deal progress can be made in the area of hunting for new opportunities during the holidays.   It should be noted that these opportunities will not be in the customer service area as these positions will have already been filled, but,  when things are slowing down at the office there are often excellent opportunities.  Here is why:

  • Companies that deal primarily with customers will see a lull in activity due to the fact that those customers are tending to their own needs
  • This lull in activity will allow hiring managers the opportunity to assess their own staffing needs
  • Hiring managers will have a good idea of who their star performers are and who will need to be replaced
  • Some hiring managers have budgets that need to be spent
  • Busy professionals/executives spend more time in the office and are open to meeting with job candidates. Be available and flexible during the holidays. Would you be willing to interview for a job in the last few days of December?
    • Words of caution: Business Casual Is Great … Once You’re Hired. When arranging a holiday-time interview, if you hear “Just dress casually, it’s a ghost town here, and I’ll be in jeans,” don’t be tempted. You get one time to make a first impression
      • Dress for the job you want - wear suitable business attire. It shows respect.
      • Take your pad, take notes - you will need them to compose your thank you for the interview follow-up
      • Bring a hard copy of your résumé
      • Regardless of how chilly the weather, don’t waltz in carrying a Grande Caffe Latte
  • Hiring managers and recruiters have a sense of urgency related to staffing at this time of the year. They do not want to begin the new year with a staffing deficit. The want to be ramped up to meet new business opportunities
  • The majority of job seekers will put their efforts on hold, so the competition for the positions that are out there is reduced
  • There are opportunities for job seekers to do some uber-networking through volunteering [you never know who you are going to meet, or where] and attending social gatherings.
    • Words of caution: Always Party with a Professional Side:
      • Be ready with an elevator pitch about yourself and your career goals
      • Go easy on the eggnog and other alcoholic beverages
      • Avoid dressing like Lady Gaga
      • Bring business cards, even if they only state your contact information and specialty

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