Sunday, April 8, 2012

Job Seeker Tips for Follow-up Phone Calls

Now that you have participated in a face-to-face interview, it’s time to follow up on the interview with a phone call.  Remember, that even though  the number of calls that end up going to voicemail ranges from 50% to 67% , you still may end up talking to a human, so it is best to be ready, should the need arise.

The tips and hints listed below will help you leave a positive impression on the person you are calling,

Before making the call:

    Learn and practice good phone etiquette
        Be professional
            Do not speak too quickly or mumble
        Understand and embrace the fact that playing ‘phone tag’ is inevitable
    Listen to the way you sound on the phone.
        Tip#1: Call yourself and listen to the way you sound on your own answering machine/service
        Tip#2: Call yourself and leave a mock follow-up phone call
    Have an agenda - Know why you are calling

Make the call:

        State the reason for the call
            “Hello.  This is Jane Doe.  (If you are leaving a message, state your phone number and spell our your last name.)
            “Today is [insert date] and it is about [insert time] <~ Optional
            “We met [insert place, e.g. last at your office] and [insert day, e.g. last Tuesday.]”
            “I am just calling to:
                Follow-up on the interview I had for the position of _______ with your company
                Find out if a decision has been made with regard to the ________ position with your company
                Find out if you need any more information from me
                Find out how far along you are in the interview process
            (Re-state your name and phone number if you are leaving a message)
    Keep the message short and to the point

To paraphrase famous comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, “Leaving a phone message is like robbing a bank.  You don’t loiter around in front of the teller holding that big bag of money. You come in, you hit and get out.”

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