Saturday, May 19, 2012

10 Commandments for Securing Your Next Career Opportunity

Can it really be just this simple?

  1. Thou shalt always look out for #1
    1. All jobs are temporary so think and act accordingly
                                                    i.     Treat prospective employers as clients that you want to please
                                                  ii.     Demonstrate the many ways that you can be an asset to them or their organization [solve a problem or save them money]

  1. Thou shalt not spray and pray

  1. Thou shalt focus on 5-10 target companies at a time

  1. Thou shalt not save/send your résumé in anything but a WORD [.doc NOT .docx] or PDF format

  2. Thou shalt revamp and get your LinkedIn profile to 100% and join relevant LinkedIn groups.  Of the 50 groups you are allowed to join, distribute your group membership mix as follows:
    1. 50% professional groups related to your industry
    2. 50% job search and open networks

  3. Thou shalt customize every résumé and cover letter you send by doing the following:
    1. Editing and rewriting the documents as necessary
    2. Include the keywords used in the job description in both documents
    3. Ferret out the name of the hiring manager and use it

  4. Thou shalt search your social networks for those connections you already have with your target companies.

  1. Thou shalt do your homework before applying for the job.  Your homework involves doing the following:
    1. Reading the entire job description
    2. Visiting all company websites and social media channels
    3. Contacting those in your network who currently work for or have recently left the company in order to gain some insights regarding what is really going on at the company
    4. Applying for relevant openings only

  1. Thou shalt network both on-line and off-line, expect respect and productive feedback and be prepared to move on when it is not received.
  1. Thou shalt respect the recruiting boundaries set forth in the job description or on the career site.

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