Saturday, June 16, 2012

Your Job Search SOS

Searching for a new job is stressful.  Having and using a Simple Organized System [SOS] for your job search is critical for your success.  The keys to your success are as follows:

Key #1 Stop filling out Applicant Tracking Software [ATS] forms in the Internet. 

Key #2 Vet the company/organization for elements that are important to you BEFORE you apply

Key #3 Save time by only applying for jobs that you really want and for which you are qualified

Key #4 Find people in your network who already work for the company/organization you desire to work for and don’t be afraid to ask for information and tips on how to proceed with your application

Key #5 Seek to remain current and knowledgeable with the new sourcing technology used by hiring managers

Key #6 If you are going to work with a recruiter, take the time to suss out his or her expertise and the niche industries within which they choose to work

Key #7 Find and share your success, strategies and/or frustrations with a confidant or coach

Key #8 Be sure to take time away from your job search throughout your day

Key #9 Find an use a job search SOS [electronic or paper] to track your applications

Key #10 Ensure that you network both on-line and off-line

In case you are at a loss with regard to the necessary contents of your job search SOS, it should include the following components:
·        A copy of the original advertisement
·        Contact information for the person who will be receiving your information
·        A MASTER copy of your résumé
·        A copy of the customized résumé you sent to the potential employer
·        A copy of the customized cover letter you sent to the potential employer
·        An electronic or paper system for following up on applications
·        A copy of the follow-up note you sent to the interviewer[s] after you have been interviewed

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