Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Job Seeker’s Plea for the Holidays: Just Pick Me!

[To be sung to the tune of “Let It Snow - Songwriters: Brian Kelly McNight and Wayna Jermaine Morris]

Oh the job search market is frightful
Am for me it’s not delightful
So I plea for a place to go
Please pick me!  Just pick me!  Please pick me!

My search shows no signs of stopping
And I’ve clicked ‘Apply now’ far too often
My spirits are way down low
Please pick me!  Just pick me! Please pick me!

When we finally meet to chat
And I tell you I can bring ‘all that’
You’ll be wanting for me to show
Why pick me!  Just pick me! Please pick me!

By the time that my pitch is done
You will know without a doubt that I’m the one
Your time vetting candidates will slow
Because you want me! You picked me! You picked me!

You’ll be wanting to hold me tight
Because your decision will be right
You’ll be telling all others to go
Because you picked me! You picked me! You picked me!

When we finally sign on the line
We’ll both know that we’re more than ‘fine’
Together we’ll own the show
Because you picked me! You picked me! You picked me!

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