Monday, September 20, 2010

Have the Itch to Switch? - Interview Don’ts

When you finally succumb to the “Itch to Switch”, there are always some basic Don’ts to follow when it comes to your interview:

  1. NEVER blame anyone for your performance problems. - YOU are 100% responsible for your performance.

  2. NEVER show negativity towards your (soon to be) former boss, subordinates or peers.

  3. NEVER say that your current job is a stepping-stone to better things.

  4. NEVER ask a question that the hiring manager should not know. Interrogating the interviewer will make them defensive.

  5. NEVER tell a hard-lick story to get sympathy. Interviews are not the place to share the detail of your personal life.

  6. NEVER give answers that do not relate to the interviewer’s questions. If you are unsure of the question or unsure if you have answered the question, ask the interview to repeat the question and then ask if you have answered it.

  7. NEVER go to an interview unprepared. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  8. NEVER go into an interview assuming that your résumé will speak for itself.

  9. NEVER call the interviewer by their first name unless you have been specifically asked to do so.

  10. NEVER let your guard down during the interview.

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