Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Have the Itch to Switch? - Interview Do’s

When you finally succumb to the “Itch to Switch”, there are always some basic Do’s to follow when it comes to your interview:

  1. ALWAYS show enthusiasm when it comes to the job and the company.

  2. ALWAYS talk about how you have the skills, education and experience to perform the job.

  3. ALWAYS talk about how you can have an affect upon the company’s bottom line i.e. how you can make money for the company or save money for the company.

  4. ALWAYS concentrate upon what you can do for the company rather than what the company can do for you.

  5. ALWAYS ask intelligent questions, i.e. not answers that can be found on the company website.

  6. ALWAYS use the STAR approach to answering questions - Situation (that needed to be solved); Tasks (required to solve the problem); Action (taken/needed and how); Results.

  7. ALWAYS practice your answers to basic interview questions.

  8. ALWAYS be nice to the receptionist (gatekeepers).

  9. ALWAYS bring your Brag Book to an interview along with extra copies of your résumé.

  10. ALWAYS ask for a business card - You will need it to send a Thank You note (within 24 hours of the interview.)

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