Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mastermind Groups and You - Part Three

What Can a Mastermind Group Do For You?

A Mastermind magnifies your brainpower and will set you above your competitors by providing:

Provide A Mentor - Masterminds that take place under the leadership of a mentor are 10 times more successful. The mentor provides the safe, trusting space for the community to meet, maintains the focus and streamlines the efforts of the group.

Provide an Organizational Structure
- A Mastermind group needs to be incredibly organized to maximize the time the group spends together. The mentor serves as the sole person to coordinate the group so the members can focus solely on their businesses.

Provide an Opportunity to Meet Regularly with Like-minded People
- A Mastermind group is only as good as its members. The mentor/facilitator takes on the responsibility of reviewing people who desire to be a part of the group. It is the mentor/facilitator who determines whether any new and potential members are a good match for the group and would be willing to participate and share unconditionally.

Accountability - The mentor of the group provides the structure for accountability. In order for a Mastermind to be successful and for members to really strive for success, they need to be held accountable by the group to stay on track to achieve their goals.

To ensure you are a good fit with the Mastermind concept, take some time to reflect and answer the following questions for yourself:

  • What is your desired outcome in participating in the Mastermind?

  • What top 3 goals would you like to achieve with the support of this group?

  • What specific support could you use from the group?

  • What personal experience, talents, skills or insights can you share with the others?

  • How will you be sure to ensure success?

Is joining a Mastermind group right for you? Try it! What have you got to lose?

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