Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mastermind Groups and You - Part Two

What Can You Get Out of a Mastermind Meeting?

While you may be an expert in your field, you probably are not in areas that require you to move to the next stage of your business or career opportunity. A Mastermind group offers an occasion to call on experts. Time is money and we need to learn new things quickly and efficiently. By connecting with peers in a Mastermind group you can draw from others' experiences and, more important, failures in order to shorten your road to success.

Another important element of these groups is the accountability factor. As members of a Mastermind group, we are just as accountable to each other as we are to ourselves. Attending a Mastermind group makes us accountable for the actions we commit to taking and are a strong factor in shortening our learning curve.

Finding your Mastermind "mindset"

As you enter a new Mastermind group, it is important that you get yourself into the right mindset for optimum learning and sharing within the group. Those who find Mastermind groups helpful are those who can to put into practice the following:

Remaining open and welcoming for an influx of ideas and fresh perspectives:
The most valuable asset to members is the constant influx of new ideas and perspectives from a group of trusted peers.

Staying positive and motivated:
Engaging regularly with a Mastermind group allows members to participate in discussions that can stimulate, challenge and inspire high levels of energy, excitement and passion.

Accountability and responsibility:
Mastermind groups can act as a sounding board for its members’ individual decisions and hold them accountable and responsible until completion of goals. Simple systems, such as a buddy system, can be set up within the group to track members' progress or any follow-up action.

Shorten learning curves: In an era in which time is money, people have to learn things in half the time. By connecting with peers in a Mastermind group who have similar experiences, members can learn and benefit from their co-member’s knowledge and input.

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