Sunday, September 25, 2011

Unemployed? Got Talent? Start Promoting Yourself Now!

Even during tough times, there are jobs to be had. These days, job seekers have to learn how to market themselves better as well as consider a broader range of potential employers and career direction in order to secure employment. 

Step One:  Clean up your Internet presence

ALL potential employers will search the Internet before calling you in for an interview.  If your online presence is even remotely questionable, your application will be tossed.

Step Two: Learn how to use the Internet to maximize your job search
  • Create, review  and optimize your social media profiles
  • Subscribe to industry newsletters 
  • Join professional organizations in your industry
  • Join the maximum number groups [50] on LinkedIn
  • Post thoughtful comments on discussion boards
  • Follow companies on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
Step Three: Upgrade your skills on a regular basis

Upgrading skills does not have to cost a lot of money.  There are TONNES of resources for those looking to upgrade their skills.  Job seekers can find these resources online, at their local library or their local community centre.  

Step Four: Add a face to your on-line presence

Take some time to get out and meet people.  Head out to networking meetings, workshops, conferences and social events with the sole purpose of ‘pressing some flesh’.  HINT: If you can’t afford to attend the conference as a guest, ask the organizers if they need any volunteers.

Step Five: Broaden your target job or area

Consider taking a part-time or freelance job to keep your skills sharp.  Consider looking for work beyond your neighbourhood.  Thanks to globalization, the virtual world is getting smaller and there are jobs today that only require Internet access.

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