Sunday, September 11, 2011

Virtual First Impressions: Why Your E-mail Address Matters

 In this digital age, there are many times where the first contact with another human being is a virtual one. From virtual introductions to on-line applications, the first time someone ‘meets’ you may very well be via an e-mail.

Do you realize that you can effectively lose a career opportunity or job based upon your e-mail address alone?  In this day of virtual address books, we rarely have to type an e-mail address more than once, however, the kind of a ‘first impression’ are you making when someone really looks at the address to try to figure out if they know you before opening that first e-mail, or they have to type your e-mail that first time is critical for your success.

When doing anything that is of a personal, professional nature (be it applying for a job, applying to school, submitting a loan application, etc.), make sure that you use an e-mail address that contains your name. Using an e-mail address such as allows you to make a professional ‘first impression’. Likewise, any of the following are professional, personal e-mail addresses: (where ‘’ may be,,,,, etc.)

USE YOUR REAL NAME. If you have a common name, add a number but not the year you were born, 3-digit area code, city, or something similar.  Unprofessional e-mail addresses are actually used as an excuse to ‘dismiss’ someone from consideration when there is a crowded field of applicants.

One more note: While and e-mail addresses are fine, if you want to change your internet service provider, you are going to have to change your e-mail address, as well. You might be better served by setting up your personal e-mail address on a free service such as those available from Google, Yahoo, MSN, or a myriad of others. By doing this, you are less ‘obligated’ to your Internet Service Provider because you can switch your service provider without changing your e-mail address. You may also want to consider setting up an e-mail account on a free service provider that is used only for job searching.

P.S. Don’t forget to have a professional sounding message on your answering machine, too!

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