Monday, August 16, 2010

Handshake Etiquette- Part 2

Handshakes to Avoid

Bone-crushing – You would think that men are the sole guilty parties here, but women who have been told that a firm handshake will bring them respect can and will often squeeze for all they are worth. Macho displays never really produce desired effects, unless, of course, the intent is to intimidate.

Fawning – The touchy-feely person is never happy with a one-handed shake. He or she must rest the left hand on a shoulder, pat the back or run it down the left arm. A first meeting like that can leave someone feeling creepy. Using two hands typically gives the impression that you want something else.

Limp - Older generations were taught to use a gentler handshake with women, and the women of that generation were taught that a firm handshake was too masculine. Today, the limp handshake comes across as, “I don’t really want to shake your hand and/or I really don’t want to touch you.” Limp, lifeless handshakes tend to communicate timidity, passivity or intimidation. The "limp fish" and "barely touching" handshakes project a sense of distance."

The Hook and Reel
– After grasping firmly, some people like to draw a person in closer. The intent might be to show intimacy or friendliness, but unless you are already on an intimate level, this will only come across as manipulative and tricky.

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