Monday, August 9, 2010

A SMART and Easy Job Search System - Mary Salvino

Job searching is a trying experience at the best of times, so I have developed an easy to use system that does not require any additional resources in order to conduct your on-line job search more effectively.

As the title of this article implies, what follows is an on-line job search system that will help you keep organized during your hunt for new career opportunities. As you would expect, the system that follows incorporates a SMART methodology, i.e. one that is Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Reasonable and Time-bound.

  • Word processing system - N.B. This system can also be modified for use with an EXCEL spreadsheet or even a binder

  • Ability to create and/or store files on your desktop as well as knowing how to re-name a word document

  • Internet connection

  • E-mail program (with an e-mail address that includes your full name)

  • Cover Letter Template - N.B. You will be customizing this letter for each job opportunity

  • Résumé Template - N.B. You will be customizing this template for each job opportunity

3 Desktop File folders:
  • Job Opportunities

  • Job Applications

  • Résumés

Step 1 - Create 2 files for your desktop - “JOB OPPORTUNITIES”, JOB APPLICATIONS” and “Résumé’s”

Step 2 - Cruise the Internet, job boards, company website, etc. for job opportunities

Step 3 - Copy and past these opportunities into a WORD document and save them to your desktop

Step 4 - Once the document has been saved to your desktop, change the name of this new word document to the following JOB TITLE - NAME OF COMPANY (e.g. Sales Manager - ZXY Company)

Step 5 - Drag the document with the new name to your desktop file folder called JOB OPPORTUNITIES

N.B. You will have to follow Step 1 through 4 for every suitable opportunity you find. Once you have completed your search and your JOB OPPORTUNITIES File has several job suitable advertisements, you are ready to start the application process.

The application process continues as follows:

Step 1 - Open the job opportunity for which you are going to apply. This job opportunity will be found in the desktop file called “JOB OPPORTUNITIES” have been saved as ‘Job Title - Company Name’

Step 2 - Open your e-mail program

Step 3 - Fill in the job title (found in the original job posting). DO NOT fill in the e-mail address until you are sure that everything you need to send is good to go.

Step 4 - Copy and paste your cover letter template. Do not forget to edit this cover letter to suit the job posting.

Step 5 - Open your résumé template. Copy and paste the entire document into a NEW Word document and customize according to the job for which you are applying

Step 6 - Save this NEW Résumé as Your Name - Resume - Job Title, and save it to the file on your desktop called Résumés.

Step 7 - Attach this customized résumé to the e-mail

Step 8 - Fill in the e-mail address for the job opportunity. Check and double cheek all information BEFORE you press ‘send’.

Once you have completed this process, you will have to update your desktop files called “JOB OPPORTUNITIES” and “JOB APPLICATIONS”

Step 9 - You will now re-name the job opportunity for which you have just applied. The new file name for this document is DATE-JOB OPPORTUNITY-COMPANY NAME and saved to your desktop. Hint: To keep these files organized it is best to use numbers for the date i.e.081110 for November 8, 2010. The ‘end’ result should look like 080810-SALES MANAGER- XYZ COMPANY.

Step 10 - Drag the NEW job opportunity i.e. the one that included the date, job title and name of the company, to your desktop file called “JOB APPLICATIONS”

You will now have a file with the job title and company name of the position for which you have applied as well as the date you applied for the position.
From this file, you will have the ability to do the following:

  1. Make any follow-up calls to the company to make inquiries about your application
  2. Open each job opportunity and make notes directly on the file document which contains the original ad
  3. Be able to tell at a glance when your application was sent and retrieve the corresponding résumé from your ‘sent’ e-mail

You will need the original ad and a copy of your cover letter and customized résumé when you are called in for an interview.

This method is simple, it works, and the hiring managers will marvel at your organizational skills. There is no ‘real’ need to tell them that you got the idea from Mary Salvino, Senior Consultant, SMART Career Planning.

Copyright © 2010, Career Matters. All Rights Reserved.Permission to Reprint: This article may be reprinted, provided it appears in its entirety with the following attribution: Copyright © 2010, Career Matters. Reprinted by permission of Mary Salvino.